American Involvement

“We’ve come a long way in the past four years, and we cannot afford to retreat now. When America is absent, especially from unstable environments, there are consequences. Extremism takes root; our interests suffer; our security at home is threatened.”

-Sec Clinton during Benghazi testimony

Great statement but I think this is largely ignored in the context of Syria and Mali.

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I am For and Against Gun Control

Seems events like the recent school shooting and other smaller ones that followed bring out all the crazies of both sides to argue about gun control.  One side says guns are evil, other side says everyone should be able to own a gun.  Best answer is that they are both dead wrong.

The word “Gun Control” brings fear and hostility to the faces of pro-gun individuals and the nutjobs that make them look bad.  The truth is there is nothing bad about a couple commonsense pieces of legislation.  Years ago, NRA-backed congressman have blocked measures to create a “no-sell” list to prevent criminals, terrorists, and other crazies from purchasing a weapon.  Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.  That isn’t a bad idea.  A lot of people should not own guns, plain and simple.  People are impulsive and panicky.  Most people are fucking morons and I wouldn’t trust them to hold a hairbrush.

On the other side, anti-gun nutjobs are guilty of the same over-exaggeration and fear mongering pro-gun nutjobs are.  It is not hard to obtain things illegally in this country.  People can and will own a weapon even if they are made illegal.  Let’s face facts, the average police response time in this country is more or less 7 minutes.  A lot can happen in 7 minutes.  I would like to have a gun to hunker down with instead of waiting helplessly in a closet for 7 minutes, but that’s just me.  There are plenty of cases where people have defended themselves with their firearms.  Take a mother in Oklahoma last year who defended herself and newborn with a shotgun against a home invader.  The simple truth is that there isn’t a big enough police force in the world to make people safe.  It is the right of the people to defend their lives and homes when no one else is available.

Personally, the right to own guns shouldn’t be a universal right given to all Americans.  Much like driving a car it should be a privilege that one has the right to pursue given that he/she takes the appropriate tests and obtains the license to own one.  I would not feel any safer whether guns are banned or open carry laws are upheld.  What I will feel safe about is whether the man/woman behind the trigger actually knows what he/she is doing.  And the fact that the individual has taken the proper steps to train and certify him/herself will make me feel better.

And please, don’t use Switzerland, as a pro-gun example, it’s a piss poor example.  Facts are the Swiss are hell of a lot smarter than most Americans.  The Swiss rank top 10 in education, we’re just average.  I’m sure most Americans couldn’t find their home state even if they were given a map with a big red X it.  Also most Swiss are properly trained thanks to mandatory conscription, therefore, they know how to respect and handle a weapon.  They enjoy a homogenous population that suffers minimal social strife compared to our awesome melting pot of a population (not a bad thing btw, but there are additional factors that affect it).  Crime and poverty is very low in Switzerland compared to the US, which also is a factor in violence.  The Swiss also enjoy a very low rate of mental illness compares to the US which has a population that consumes the most crazy pills ever.  So NO, Switzerland is not a good example for us.

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Canada considers dropping the F-35

We should do the same thing to this piece of shit plane and use the money on smart, common-sense projects

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China carrier landing not that big deal

China’s first successful carrier landing is nice and all, but they still have years and years of work to do before they are even able to develop any serious power projection in the Pacific region. 

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Our military leaders are fired more for petty things unrelated to their jobs rather than general incompetence.

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The GOP Lost

So Obama is still POTUS and the world will move on from this hellish ordeal.  At least the crazy amounts of junk mail and awful commercials will stop.  During this election cycle, Romney ran a very competitive campaign and seemed to give Obama a run for his money.  In the aftermath of this election, many people will try to find reason to why he lost.  Here are mine:

The GOP losing the executive seat was a self-inflicted loss.  During Obama’s 1st term, the Republican Party in both the House and Senate acted in a way that was unprofessional and unbecoming of a public servant.  Sen. Mitch McConnell stated that the party’s objective was to deny Obama a second term (1).  I’m sure the senator is a smart guy, but that is bullshit.  That sort of behavior and attitude is contrary to what the founding fathers had in mind for the relationship between the legislative and executive branches.  Congress is supposed discuss, collaborate and compromise legislation and work towards viable solutions, and not use the filibuster over a 100 times within the first 11 months of 2010 (2)(3).  When half the legislature decides to act like a spoiled 5-year old, people will take notice and figure out why Congress is so dysfunctional.

The GOP forced Romney to adopt a position he did not genuinely support.  The Mitt Romney of the 2008 elections was a very different animal to the Romney that we have been presented with this election cycle.  Prior to being nominated as the Republican candidate for office, Romney had supported gun control measures, a form of universal healthcare, and pro-choice measures, all while serving as Massachusetts Governor.  Now I don’t care what anyone says, but the Health Care Act was and will always be Romney’s brainchild.  He can’t run away from that.  Fast forward to 2012 and we find that Romney has done a 180 and tries to take back everything he stood for as Governor.  The only conclusion that we can possible arrive is that Romney was not fully dedicated to the Republican cause.  How can he be when everything he worked for as Governor no longer pleases the establishment that is supporting him?  Instead of being forced to follow the party lines, Romney should’ve forced his party to follow HIS line and HIS rules.  It’s not like the GOP had anyone better to run when it came down to it.

The GOP’s idea that business and only business can bring America back to greatness is downright ridiculous.  It is definitely true that Capitalism is without a doubt the best economic system to grace this Earth.  But to assert that raising taxes on business and rich people destroys our economic model is bullshit.  Let’s not forget that we are enjoying the lowest tax rate in 50 years.  In 1945 our tax rate for the top .1% – .01% was 60%.  We were doing pretty well.  In 1994 it was 24.5% still not doing badly (4).  In fact between the 50s and 90s we’ve arisen as the sole military and economic superpower.  So it can’t be that taxes are causing our economics to fail.  They need to step away from this notion that government is evil and private corporations are good.  It’s not working for them.  Even the public doesn’t trust private sector – why would they when they rarely look out for their own and would easily screw people over?  What we need to realize is that the best government isn’t one that governs least, but one that governs BEST.  Our government needs to be flexible, not only with taxes, but with everything.  It needs to be responsive and be able to hold a beneficial and cooperative relationship with the private sector and the public. 

Last, let’s not forget all the bat shit crazy things Republicans have said this cycle.  To be fair though, Democrats are no better.  If anything they are weak, spineless cowards and losers who can’t stand up to anyone worth a damn. 

With Obama re-elected, the Republican Party, now more than ever, has to take a really good look at itself, and re-structure and re-evaluate its stance on numerous issues.   There is no way this country can move on without them.


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Red Dawn Movie

Red Dawn Movie

Apparently MGM switched up the baddies in Red Dawn from Chinese to North Koreans since they wanted to attract more customers (China accounts for something like 20% of overseas box office), so its going to have some glaring plot holes I don’t think I can resolve.  Knowing what I know, this movie is definitely more a comedy.  Couple thoughts on this movie…

1. How are they going to explain North Korea ever being able to invade the US

2. The US must have been really screwed if North Korea was able to invade.

Rest assured, there will be retard rednecks who watch this movie and are going to think North Korea actually means something.  Not that they know anything about Asian relations and such.


-Go Wolverines!

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